Rheumatology - Inflammation
Immuno assay


The apDia ASLO ELISA (Ref. 740201) is an Immunoassay for the quantitative determination of Anti-Streptolysin O in human serum and plasma. The serum titers of anti-streptolysin O (ASLO) may be of important diagnostic value in patients having a recent streptococcal group A infection, since the sequels of such infections include rheumatic fever, glomerulonephritis and erythema nodosum. Increased titers of ASLO develop after the second week of infection and reach a peak in 4 to 6 weeks: this peak usually occurs shortly after the onset of rheumatic fever.

ASLO is present in most individuals in low titers since streptococcal infections are common. Therefore, comparison of ASLO-titers at (bi-) weekly intervals yields more valuable information than a single determination. Elevated or increasing ASLO titers are indicative of a recent infection.
The test is considered a valuable aid in the differential diagnosis of early rheumatic fever and rheumatoid arthritis (in which ASLO is not elevated), when the clinical picture is not decisive

Calibration range: 0 – 800 IU/ml
Sensitivity: < 6 IU/ml
Incubation time: 30'+ 30'+10'
Available format: 96T

The dilution buffers, incubation conditions, washing procedures and substrate reactions of the ASLO ELISA are identical to those of the apDia CRP ELISA. This feature enables the user to determine these parameters simultaneously, starting from the same sample dilutions.
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