code 10000

ELISA Washer - built-in incubator - ELISA equipment

The AD Washer (code 10000) is a versatile, reliable and fast ELISA Plate Washer at a competitive price. The instrument has a built-in incubator for 2 microtiter plates with programmable timer that allows the user to incubate immediately after dispensing sample/conjugate or substrate.

An auto-rinsing program at regular intervals prevents crystallization and minimizes cross contamination during washing. Automatically a rinsing and cleaning process will start before shutting down the instrument or starting a new test

Manifold: 8 way Manifold autoclavable
Volume: 50-1000 µl, residual volume: 5 µl
Memory: 8KB Non volatile RAM Battery Back up, supporting 35 open channels
Shaking time: 1 to 59 seconds
Specially designed Peristaltic Pump.

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