Dynex Agility

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Redefining Automation
The DYNEX Agility utilizes the proven versatility of ELISA's core technology in a 
powerful, fully automated platform, for true ELISA optimization. State-of-the-art robotic processing delivers unparalleled precision while eliminating nearly all manual steps, so Agility is efficient and reliable – freeing you and your staff to be as productive as possible, while significantly reducing your cost per test.

Full, walkaway processing from the beginning of testing
Up to 16 assays stored on-board for simultaneous runs
Flexible throughput allows up to 12 plates on-board at once
Utilizes three precision robotic arms - one for sample pipetting, one
for reagent pipetting and another for transporting plates and
consumables, to obtain maximum process efficiency

Redefining Ease-of-Use

With an intelligent design that emphasizes simplicity, Agility provides an extremely intuitive, easy-to-use interface. And with continuous sample loading, workflow is streamlined for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Eliminates most of ELISA's labor-intensive, front-end setup
Reduces hands-on time by two-thirds of typical open systems
Barcoding eliminates manual data input
Assesses testing requirements and develops an efficient work list
Comprehensive LIMS integration
Continuous sample loading allows operators to begin loading and running microplates as they are ready, instead of all at once

Redefining Reagent Loading
Agility requires the least hands-on time in its category. In part, this advantage is made possible by utilizing the SmartKitâ„¢ packaging format, an innovative new direct-load solution to front-end ELISA kit preparation. SmartKitsâ„¢ are a packaging enhancement,allowing everything to be loaded onto the system at the same time, in one easy step.
All consumables for each assay are either loaded into a SmartKitâ„¢ carrier by the end-user or prepackaged in SmartKitâ„¢ format when purchased from our growing list of major reagent partners.

Eliminates nearly all manual liquid-transfer steps
Frees up significant labor time and allows for multitasking
Illuminated, color-coded access positions allow simple loading of all kits,
tips, microplates and other consumable items, preventing loading errors
2D barcodes printed on kits provide accurate and secure information
Inventory tracking allows for maximum materials efficiency
Consumables are stored on-board, including up to 16 SmartKitsâ„¢


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